Director of IC-SAFE, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering & the Myers-Lawson School of Construction

Research focus:
Control of health hazards and pollutants arising from construction work operations and the built environment
Occupational health behavior intervention design and evaluation



Assistant Professor, Myers-Lawson School of Construction

Research focus:
Cyber-physical integration in construction work planning

Associate Professor, Department of Management

Research focus:
Effects of compensation and other HR practices on firm performance and employee outcomes. The impact of job-, organizational-, and county-level characteristics on employee well-being (i.e., job satisfaction, work stress, organizational commitment).


Associate Professor, Sociology

Research focus:
Environmental justice, discovering strategies for increasing the political participation of vulnerable communities


Director, Work Stress and Recovery Lab; Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Research Focus:
Off-job reactions to work stress, Work recovery, Work - non-work relationships, Technology


Associate Professor, Communications

Research focus:
Planning and developing technology-based solutions for workplace communication problems, particularly in situations involving multicultural audiences.


Associate Professor, Environmental Health, Department of Population Health Sciences

Research focus:
Human health risk assessment and communication


Associate Professor, Sustainable Biomaterials

Research focus:
Fall arrest systems for residential construction

Associate Professor & Director, Center for Public Health Practice and Research

Research focus:
Rural community health


Ralph H. Bogle Professor & Director, Myers-Lawson School of Construction

Research focus:
Sociotechnical work system design; construction safety; organizational structures