How to add new content

The following provides a quick guide on how to post new content to this website.

On several pages you will find an "Action Menu" on the right hand side after you have logged into the site. If you don't see the menu, you can always click the little "guy" in the top right corner, which opens a menu that has your account settings under "My Account". This account page always shows the action menu on the right. Depending on your site rights, there should be at least one entry called "Add content".

Again, depending on your site rights, you will find different content types that you can create. At a minimum you should find the following two content types:

  • An Article is the most common content type for anyone to post. An article is a little story, blog, write-up of something - basically any item that you may want to share with the alumni community, that will then be listed initially on the front page and later in the history of events and news stories, or can be searched by keywords etc.
  • An Event will be listed in the calendar and thus will be bound to a date and (typically) a location. Events will also stay in the queue as past events for other to go back an learn about past activities.

Site managers and editors should also see:

  • An Icon Feature is one of the elements that are listed directly under the slideshow banner on the front page. Once set, those will be rather static and will not see frequent updating. However, since those are set to a limited number of items to be listed (e.g. 3 or 6 - depending on setting on the page) they can be updated in terms of visibility, so that different features are shown at different times of a year if desired.
  • Slideshow is one of the revolving elements that can be seen on the front page. It requires a relatively high resolution image that renders well in a broad screen viewport and then can link to a separate URL or to its own content. 
  • Profiles are used as content items that render into the "Outstanding Alumni" or the "Outstanding Young Alumni" listings. Those are maintained by my MLSoC staff. Please let one of the MLSoC staff members know if you detect errors in one of the profiles.