How to edit content (e.g.a news item or announcement)

News and announcements are created as "Article" content, which offers the following form elements once you click on "Add content -> Article":

  • Titlerequired - this will be the title under which the item will be listed - keep it short but meaningful.
  • Bodyrequired - this is the actual conten of your posting. Please have in mind that the first 200-400 characters may be automatically picked up for generating teasers - so if you use a lot formatting and images, this may also show up in the teaser and could result in issues on the front page listings. Always check your post on the front page after you posted them.
    There is an option to "manually" define the teaser summary - for that click on "(Edit summary) behind the Body label - this allows you to override the automatic generation of the teaser text.

    (for a detailed description of the editor buttons see here)
  • Tags: provide tags for your content so that different related items can be quickly searched, linked, and accessed. As good practice, please provide at least three relevat tags. (e.g. meeting, industry, golf)
    To enter tags, please start typing and check if your tag is already listed - existing tags auto-populate a list as you start typing. This prevents of having too many different spelled tags that mean the same thing.
  • Image: please provide one representative image. This image will be used as a thumbnail image in teasers, and also rendered in the full view or your article. You have three options to provide an image:
    • Upload - this lets you chose and upload a file from your computer. 
      1) Browse for the file 
      2) Then hit UPLOAD.


    • elFinder File browser - this lets you chose a file already on the server
      1) Click on "browse"
      2) Select (double click) an image you want to use to insert


    • Remote URL - this allows you to transfer an image from another location on the web
      1) Search for the image you want to transfer (e.g. on google) - make sure that you get the real URL (usually by right clicking in your browser and selecting "view image")
      2) Copy the URL in your browser and paste it into the text field
      3) If the URL starts with "https:" - delete the "s" so that it reads "http:" only
      4) Hit TRANSFER


  • Image (continued): once you have uploaded/selected/transferred your image, it will show as a thumbnail, with the local filename and size. There is an option to provide a Title for this image - this title will be used as an automatic image caption in the full view if provided.

Once you have come so far, all that is left to do is to hit "SAVE" and your posting will be published. If you want to cancel the whole process there is nothing else to do but to click any other link then SAVE - this always abandons any changes you may have made.